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Agricultural Price Indicators
IBRE/FGV offers three types of national agricultural price surveys that encompass 37 products, 19 inputs, 5 types of land-related transactions, and 5 types of services. Agricultural product prices are released in terms of monetary units (Reais) and are used as the basis for Producer Price Received Indexes (IPR) and Paid Price Index (IPP).

FGV builds the IPR and IPP indexes with the support of state rural extension companies using a data collection process adopted by municipalities chosen for their importance in agricultural production.

Know the indicators of agricultural DGD / FGV:

Land Sale and Leasing Prices are computed every six months based on prices negotiated according to Federation Units and categorized by type of transaction or land use method. This report covers the sale of lands to be used for farming, forest, pasture, and leasing of farms and pasture.

The Producer Price Received Index (IPR) is based on a monthly survey of prices charged by producers for bulk sales of 38 products. It provides national averages, average per producing state, series of nominal prices (in R$) and group aggregates.

The Producer Paid Price Index (IPP) is a monthly survey of the prices for inputs used in agricultural production (pesticides, combustibles, fertilizers, and seeds) plus services and labor costs. It provides national averages, average per producing state, series of nominal prices (in R$), and group aggregates.
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