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The historical series of IBRE indexes can be accessed through FGVDados, a service available on internet. 

Among the indexes available is the General Price Index (IGP), the most comprehending inflation indicator in the country, consisting of the Producer Price Index (IPA), the Consumer Price Index (IPC,) and the National Index of Construction Costs (INCC).

FGVDados also offers indicators for other areas, such as sector price indexes, currency exchange rates, interest rates, and share indexes.

FGVDados indicators are fundamental for financial executives, economists, and strategists who must project economic variables.

Because they encompass all branches of the economy, IBRE indexes also allow tracking price curves in the entire production chain.

Historical series of the indexes
Free series 
The indicators on their more aggregated levels are offered for free.
Access to indicators at the disaggregated levels occurs through subscriptions.
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Access to the series of economic indicators from FGVDados can be licensed in two modes:
  Standard   Premium
Detailing Level:

Up to intermediate levels of aggregation.  

  Complete access to all levels of the IBRE’s price indicators database (groups, subgroups, and items).
Total series: 3,500  series   21,000 series
Membership Options: Annual   Annual

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