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From consumer and industry surveys, you have access to the main indicators of Brazilian economic activity. Updated monthly, FGV Trust provides a solid basis for analysis, projections, and tactical decision making.

With monthly updates, FGV Trust makes available basic data, seasonally adjusted, to give you a solid basis for analyses, projections, and tactical decision making.

Industry Survey offers signals, such as:

• activity level, with analyses of internal and external demand for industrial products;
• inventory levels and use of installed capacity;
• company expectations about production, employment, and the situation of business in the near future;
• Industry Trust Index, Present Situation Index, and Expectations Index.

The Consumer Expectations Survey produces indicators about consumer sentiment, such as:

• decisions about saving accounts and future expenses;
• pointers to the short-term path of the economy;
• evaluations and expectations about the local economic situation;
• the financial situation of the family, work prospects, and intention to purchase durable goods;
• Consumer`s Trust Index, Present Situation, and Expectations Index.
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For advertisement or other information on The Brazilian Economy, call +5521 3799 6853 or send an e-mail to conjunturaeconomica@fgv.br
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