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Consumer Inflation Expectation
The Consumer Inflation Expectation Indicator was first released in June 2014 and it is gathered based on information collected by FGV/IBRE's Consumer Confidence Survey.

Inflation expectation has major relevance in order to grasp the inflationary process. It can also be used as a decision making prop in the private sector as well as in the assessment of economic politics in the short run.

The qualitative inflation expectation indicators have been produced by FGV/IBRE since September 2005 and released additionaly to the analysis of the consumer confidence evolution.

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Reports: Select Subcategory and choose Consumer Inflation Expectation.
In review
Main uses: Anticipation of the course of the economy in the short run
Geographical scope: The capitals of 7 major Brazilian states
Periodicity: Monthly
First observation: September 2005

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