Coincident Indicator of Unemployment


Coincident Indicator of Unemployment (CIU)

The Coincident Indicator of Unemployment is constructed from disaggregated data, in four classes of family income, from the Consumer Survey question that deals with the view of the interviewee on the present situation of the labor market. As such, the indicator captures the perception of families on the labor market, without reflecting a decline in the search for jobs    caused by despondency, for example. The CIU varies in the same direction as the unemployment rate. That is, the higher the unemployment, the higher the indicator, and vice-versa.

The CIU (Coincident Indicator of Unemployment) was discontinued in May 2021. 

Main Uses:
Monitor the current evolution of the unemployment rate.

Geographic Coverage:
São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Recife, Salvador, Brasília, and Porto Alegre.


Historical Series:
November 2005.