Construction Survey


Construction Survey

The Construction Survey is a study that generates a monthly information set used in monitoring and forecasting economic trends in the sector.

Having as reference the best international practices for such surveys, the Construction Survey has the speed with which it is produced and published as one of its main attributes, making it an essential tool for conjuncture analysis and decision making in both the public and the private sectors.

The core questionnaire of the Construction Survey is composed of questions aimed exclusively at the economic activity of the company. The questions cover topics such as current demand level, labor absorption, access to credit, and the general business situation.

The Construction Confidence Index (CCI) is the synthesis index of the survey and is composed of four topics: The Current Business Situation, the Contract Portfolio, Expectations in relation to the development  of the  Demand in the next three months, and Expectations about the development of the Business Situation of the Company in the upcoming six months.

Main Uses:
Anticipating short term economic developments of the Construction sector in Brazil.

Geographic Coverage:

Sector Coverage:
• Foundations, Construction of Buildings and Civil Engineering Works, Infrastructure Work for Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, Installation Work, and Building Finishing.
• Specific Outcomes: Infrastructure Buildings and Specialized Construction Services.

Collection Period:
The first three weeks of each month.


Historical Series:
July 2010.