This version comprises FGV’s entire system of consumer price indexes, including: IPC-DI, IPC-M, IPC-10, IPC-3i and IPC-C1. Although data are collected every week, computation of variations takes in consideration the average prices collected in the last four weeks up to the date of closing. The interval between the end of collection and its release is only one day—very quick by international standards.

Products and Services- IPC

Historical Series

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Main use:

Reference index for the analysis of consumer purchasing power

Geographical Scope:

Recife, Salvador, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Brasília and Porto Alegre. 

Sectors covered:

Food, housing, apparel, health and personal care, education, reading and recreation, transportation, communication and miscellaneous expenses

Collection Period:

Prices are collected daily basis to feed computation system for computing seven versions of the IPC: the daily IPC, IPC-S, IPC-10, IPC-M, IPC-DI, IPC-3i and IPC-C1.


FGV’s IPC family has multiple periodicities: monthly, quarterly, four-week and daily*.

First observation: