Construction Survey


Construction Sector Survey

The Construction Survey is a study that generates a monthly set of information used in monitoring and anticipating economic trends in the sector. Having as reference the best international practices for such surveys, the Construction Survey has as one of its main attributes the quickness with which it is produced and released, making it an essential tool for conjuncture analysis and decision making in the public and private scope.

The core questionnaire of the survey consists of 11 questions directed solely to the economic activity of the company, covering topics such as demand level, absorption of labor, access to credit and general business situation. Variables can be investigated at different time horizons: there are questions that capture the company's assessments about the period for applying the survey itself; there are forecasts for the quarter that begins in the reference month of the survey; and forecasts for the semester beginning in the reference month of the survey, the specific case of the item related to the outlook for the business situation in the coming months.

The questions have answer options of qualitative nature. The current business situation, for instance, can be considered by the company as good, normal or poor. The outlook for the evolution of employed personnel by the company, in the three months ahead, can be of increase, stability or decrease.

Four of these items were selected to comprise a synthesis indicator for the survey, the Construction Confidence Index (CSTI): volume of current demand, current business situation, expectations for the volume of demand (three months) and for the business situation (six months).

The survey's sectoral covering is similar to the Annual Survey of Construction Industry (PAIC) by IBGE. Results are reported for the construction sector as a whole and for six selected subgroups.

The classes and the sectoral groups are defined according to the National Classification of Economic Activities, version 1.0 (NACE 1.0), by the IBGE.

The series of the Construction Survey began in July 2010.

Main uses

Anticipating the direction of the economy in the short term.

Geographic Coverage:


Sectoral Scope:

• Construction of Buildings and Civil Works
   • Buildings - residential, industrial, commercial and for services;
   • Roadworks;
   • Special art works and other Work types;
   • Assembly works.

• Infrastructure works for electrical engineering and telecommunications
   • Works for generating and distributing electrical energy;
   • Works for telecomunications.

• Construction of facilities
   • Electrical Installations;
   • Installations of air conditioning, ventilation and cooling, plumbing, Sanitary installations, gas installations and fire prevention system and other Facilities.

• Finishing works;

• Rental of Construction andDemolition Equipment, with Operator.

Collection period:

Throughout the month.



First observation

July 2010.