GDP Monitor


GDP Monitor 

The FGV-GDP Monitor estimates Brazilian GDP, on a monthly basis, in volume, in current value, and in constant value at 1995 prices, 

The indicator was created with the aim of providing society with a monthly GDP indicator, based on the same methodology as the Quarterly National Accounts (QNA) of IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics).

The indicator is adjusted to the QNA whenever there are methodological changes and every quarter as the accounts are disclosed. As such, in each calendar quarter, the quarterly averages of the FGV-GDP Monitor monthly volume indices will be equal to the quarterly indicators of the QNA sequence, with and without seasonal adjustment.

The estimates of the FGV-GDP Monitor precede the IBGE Quarterly National Accounts in the months in which they are disclosed, and in the months without disclosure, the Monitor is an excellent indicator of the trends in GDP and its components.

The FGV-GDP Monitor consists of a report describing the main results, with graphic illustrations and a spreadsheet with information from 12 economic activities grouped into 3 activity sectors (agriculture, industry, and services). The Monitor also presents the Value Added to basic prices, taxes on goods, and GDP, in addition to GDP components from the perspective of demand. It also disaggregates the households consumer in non-durable and durable goods and services; and the capital formation in construction and machines and equipments.

Main Uses:
Indicator of the trends in GDP and its components.

Geographic Coverage:

Breakdowns: The Monitor provides the following breakdowns, which are not disclosed by the IBGE but are relevant for better understanding of domestic absorption and external demand:

Household Consumption -  broken down by categories of use into durable goods, semi-durable goods, non-durable goods, and services. These are additionally classified into domestic and imported; 
Gross Fixed Capital Formation (GFCF) - broken down into machinery and equipment, construction, and others. Machinery and equipment and others are also broken down into domestic and imported;
Exports and Imports - broken down into agricultural products, mining products, industrial consumer goods (durable, semi-durable, and non-durable), intermediate goods, capital goods, and services.


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