Manufacturing Industry Survey


Manufacturing Industry Survey

The Manufacturing Industry Survey is a statistical survey that generates information useful to the monitoring and forecasting of economic trend in this sector.

The Manufacturing survey is an important tool for private sector entrepreneurs, for economic analysts and for public policy-makers.

The Survey questionnaire contains questions aimed at the firm as a whole such as the ones related to the level of capacity utilization and the workforce. It also includes questions regarding to the main product lines of the firm, that is, aspects related to internal and external demand, stock, the business situation, and production. Information at the product level enables more efficient consolidation of responses in the sectorial scope.

Questions are added to the survey on a quarterly basis, such as those related to factors limiting the expansion of production, in addition to evaluations on raw-material and component volumes and prices on internal and external markets.

The Manufacturing Industry Confidence Index (MICI) is the synthesis index of the survey and is composed of six topics: Total Demand (internal and external), Level of Stocks, Current Business Situation and Expectations regarding Production (three months), Workforce (three months), and the Business Situation (six months). Sector coverage of the survey is similar to that of IBGE’s Annual Industrial Survey (PIA). The results are released to the main segments and categories of use of the manufacturing industry.

Main Uses:
Anticipating short term economic developments of the Manufacturing sector in Brazil.

Geographic Coverage:

Sector Coverage:
Food, Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Footwear, Cellulose and Paper, Petroleum and Biofuel Products, Chemicals, Cleaning and Perfumery, Pharmaceuticals, Plastic Products, Non-metallic Minerals, Metallurgy, Metal Products, Computing and Electronics, Electrical Machines and Materials, Machines and Equipment, Motor Vehicles, Other Transport Equipment, and Other Products.

Collection Period:
The first three weeks of each month.


Historical Series:
• October 1966 (Classification of Industrial Activities 1985);
• January 2001 (NCEA 2.0).