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Investment Survey

The Investment Survey is a quarterly statistical survey that anticipates trends of productive investments in the industrial sector.

Created in 1998 as a quarterly Special Topic of the Manufacturing Industry Survey, the Survey became independent in 2007.

The Investment Survey questionnaire is aimed solely at companies. It covers topics like the factors that influence investment decisions, such as the productive capacity of the company; the main purpose for making investments; and factors limiting investment in fixed capital. The questions deal with annual information, albeit with a variety of temporal horizons. There are questions seeking evaluations on investment made in the year before the survey, questions on the current year, and questions on the following three-year term (including the current year).

The person responsible for completing the questionnaire is appointed by the company in accordance with the specifications provided by FGV IBRE. Generally, this is someone at director or management level with knowledge on the company’s strategic planning.

Sector coverage of the survey is similar to that of IBGE’s Annual Industrial Survey (AIS). The results are released to the main segments and categories of use of the manufacturing industry.

The sectorial segments are defined according to IBGE’s National Classification of Economic Activities, version 2.0 (NCEA 2.0).

The Investment Survey was discontinued in January 2019. 

Main Uses:
Anticipating productive investment trends in the manufacturing sector.

Geographic Coverage:

Sector Coverage:
Food, Textiles, Clothing, Leather and Footwear, Cellulose and Paper, Petroleum and Biofuel Products, Chemicals, Cleaning and Perfumery, Pharmaceuticals, Plastic Products, Non-metallic Minerals, Metallurgy, Metal Products, Computing and Electronics, Electrical Machines and Materials, Machines and Equipment, Motor Vehicles, Other Transport Equipment, and Other Products.

Collection Period:
Bimonthly (in the first two months of each quarter).


Historical Series: