Methodological Note: Commodities Index


The Foreign Trade Secretariat defines 22 products as the main Brazilian export commodities: soy (grain); soy flour; crude soybean oil; orange juice; raw sugar; refined sugar; cellulose; aluminum; fresh swine meat; fresh bovine meat; fresh chicken meat; iron and steel semi finished products; flat laminates; leather; tobacco in leaf; iron ore; gasoline; combustible oil; crude oil; cotton; corn; and ethanol.

In 2006, such products represented 41% of total exports, and 54% in 2010.

The relevance of this group of commodities in the Brazilian exports lead us to build the following price and quantity indexes: general aggregate; agricultural commodities; fuel commodities; and mineral commodities.
Laspayres price and quantity index was calculated according 2006 average base.

The chart shows the results for 2008/2010


IP corresponds to the price index

IQ corresponds to the quantity index


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