Residential Rent Variation Index


Residential Rent Variation Index (RRVI)

The Residential Rent Variation Index (RRVI) measures the monthly evolution of residential rent prices in four of the main Brazilian state capitals, based on anonymized information from rental agreements obtained by FGV IBRE in partnership with property administration companies.

The RRVI uses data based on a broad set of residential rental agreements obtained from agents on the real estate market. The information refers to the values of new contracts and adjustments to existing contracts, in addition to the characteristics of each property. The statistical methodology (access the methodology in the menu) enables robust measurement of the mean variation in rental values over time, reflecting the behavior of the fundamentals of supply and demand on the residential property rental market.

Geographic Coverage:
Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Sector Coverage:
Rented residential property.

Collection Period:
The first to the last day of each month.