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Economic Trends
Surveys and Confidence Indexes
Economic Cycle Indicators
Economic Trends
IBRE/FGV has a series of tools for measuring different economic segments so that likely short-term economic trends can be evaluated and forecasts made.

Corporate Surveys for segments of industry, services, commerce, and construction offer elements on which both private sector and government executives can base their decisions, informed by current and reliable information about the present state of economy and prospects for the short-term.

Consumer Survey makes it possible to assess consumption trends, disposable income, and family borrowing capacities, thus helping companies make informed investment decisions.

Latin American Survey makes it possible to view the regional market comprehensively, offering elements to support corporate export decisions.

Business Cycle Indicators take into account the variables that best represent the present state of economy (coincident indicators) and predict trends for the near future (leading indicators).

Learn more about IBRE´s Surveys, Confidence Indexes and Business Cycle Indicators.
Manufacturing Industry Survey
The Survey of Manufacturing Industry is a monthly statistical survey that generates primarily qualitative information. It generates indicators of the overall state of the economy and its trends in order to support corporate and economic policy decisions.
Consumer Survey
The statistical Consumer Expectations Survey has been done monthly since September of 2005, in seven of the main Brazilian state capitals using sampling technique.
Surveys and Confidence Indexes
FGV’s statistical surveys generate information that can be used to the monitor the current economic situation and to forecast future events.
IBRE offers update services by means of periodic e-mail alerts and bulletins.
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