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Surveys and Confidence Indexes
Corporate and consumption surveys are fundamental tools for business people and public servants as they analyze the current situation and make decisions about the future. They are statistical, qualitative assessments of the general state of the economy and its trends.

The information collected through national, sectoral, and regional surveys makes it possible to identify beforehand likely changes in business trends in order to support corporate and competition analyses, plan the right level of production for projected demand, follow the absorption and liberation of labor in different segments of the economy, assess plans for investment in production generally or in specific sectors, and project the evolution of prices by sector.

IBRE/FGV surveys are known for the versatility of the questionnaires and for the agility with which the statistical information they elicit is processed and published. In the very months they are done, they give accurate signals for up to six months ahead, and they can be tailored to the specific interests of a company or a public institution.

Survey results can be presented according to a company’s size, sector, ranking, and participation in foreign markets. The historical series allow detailed analysis of different segments of the economy. 

With over 36 years of experience in this type of research, the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) has earned general recognition for its competence in this field and the excellence of its team.

Manufacturing Industry Survey

The Survey of Manufacturing Industry is a monthly qualitative survey that identifies indications on the general state of the economy and its trends to inform decisions about corporate and business policy. Survey reports emphasize the implications of findings for the present and the near future. Most forecasts are done for the quarter that begins in the month of the research, and identify potential changes from the quarter immediately preceding.

Consumer Survey

Consumption is determined both by the ability and the inclination of economic agents to spend. Consumption capacity is determined by income and assets. Consumption inclination, on the other hand, is determined by expectations about the economy, particularly employment possibilities and the individual financial situation. A consumer who is happy and optimistic about the future is likely to spend more; one who is unhappy and pessimistic will spend less. Thus, consumer confidence can either induce or reduce economic growth. Monitoring consumer sentiment can produce signals about future spending and savings decisions that are useful for forecasting the short-term trajectory of the economy.

Latin American Survey

The Economic Survey of Latin America is conducted every quarter. It is based on information elicited using the same methodology from economy experts in all countries in the region. The result is a comprehensive picture of the economic situation of countries and economic blocs. A typical study in 2009 surveyed 149 experts in 17 countries.

Services Survey

The Services Sector Survey is the first nationwide survey to get information in a systematic way on this segment, which has a stake above 60% in GDP. The Services Sector Survey is a set of monthly indicators, qualitative in nature, which reports on trends in short-term and the general state of the companies in the sector. These indicators can guide business decisions and economic policy. The historical series was inaugurated in June 2008 and indicators are released by the fifth working day of the month following the data reference.

The survey methodology is aligned with the international experience and emphasizes the development of the questions that address present and future. Most forecasts are made for the quarter beginning in the month of the survey, with the previous quarter as the comparison period, and is synthesized in the Confidence Index - which measures the perception of companies on their activity level.

Construction Sector Survey

The Construction Survey is a study that generates a monthly set of information used in monitoring and anticipating economic trends in the sector. Having as reference the best international practices for such surveys, the Construction Survey has as one of its main attributes the quickness with which it is produced and released, making it an essential tool for conjuncture analysis and decision making in the public and private scope.

Investment Survey

Investment Survey is a quarterly study that gives guidance about the destination of productive investments in industry. Created in 1998 as a quarterly adjunct to the Survey of the Manufacturing Industry, the Investment Survey became independent in 2007.

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