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IBRE Services
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IBRE Services

Identifying opportunities and growth paths are two of the greatest challenges executives face today, whether they are in the private or the public sphere. Current information is essential in order to meet these goals.

To help their clients and the public meet these goals, IBRE provides studies, statistics and applied economic research, always with the credibility it has achieved by working toward the economic and social development of the country for over 60 years.

Much of IBRE`s work is available free of charge, such as the General Price Index (IGP); the Wholesale Price Index (IPA); the Consumer Price Index (IPC); the National Index for Construction Costs (INCC), and industry and customer trust Indices. The rest is available through services customized to meet each client’s specific needs.

No matter what your information needs are, you can count on IBRE. We have the figures your company needs to grow.

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IBRE Services by Segment
IBRE indicators and research are an invaluable source of information for supporting decisions and developing marketing strategies.
IBRE offers price research and surveys of economic indicators that can make a major difference for public managers.
IBRE indicators are fundamental elements for cross-topic analysis, asset administration, and credit and investment management.
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If you have any question, suggestion or need clarification about general information, contact us: E-mail: ibre@fgv.br Phone: +55 (21) 3799-6799 Fax: +55 (21) 3799-6774 Monday to Friday, 08:00 am to 5:30 pm.
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