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Financial Market
Financial Market

Financial institutions strongly use IBRE’s economic indicators for analysis and assets administration.

Since a big part of its assets are closely tied to prices indexes, it is extremely relevant for the financial sector to estimate, as accurately as possible, the future value of these indexes, following closely its variations and trends. Besides, credit and investment related decisions require permanent monitoring of the economic conjuncture of the country and its various sectors.

IBRE has essential products and services to meet those needs:

FGVDados Premium 

FGVDados Premium offers access to all IBRE’s prices indexes. Other than supporting models of inflation estimation, the data enrich analyses of the productive chains, thus bringing more safety to books of business management.

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Inflation Monitor 

Directed primarily towards financial assets market analysts, the Inflation Monitor presents the price variations of the consumer of a comprehensive basket of products and services, becoming an important ally in follow-up, analysis and forecast of the official inflation indexes in the country. 

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FGV Trust 

From FGV’s surveys, you have access to the main indicators of the Brazilian economic activity. With monthly updates, FGV Trust provides a solid basis for analysis and projections and tactic decision making. 

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Economic Projections and Sectorial Analyses

Sectorial studies and projections done by IBRE consist of a careful portrait of many economic segments. Based in proper models, we present perspectives about the sector, derived from the interaction with the local and external setting. 

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Economic Trends and MarketResearch 

IBRE develops personalized studies for market monitoring and survey which allow for evaluation and forecast of economic and sectorial developments.
These researches can also be designed to support and refine the strategy of the financial institution concerning specific segments.

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Official Inflation Monitor
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