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Financial Market

Getting to know the market where you work is essential for the corporate decision-making process, both in the strategic and in the tactical and operational levels.

And it is due to this need that interest for the use of economic indicators in the management processes, especially those of planning, budgeting, negotiation and purchases and contracts administration has grown stronger. 

IBRE has products and services that are essential for efficient and effective management of these processes: 

FGVDados Premium

FGVDados Premium offers access to all IBRE’s prices indexes. Other than supporting models of inflation estimation, the data enrich analyses of the productive chains, thus bringing more safety to books of business management.

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Index Master 

Through file transfer, your company has access to IBRE`s economic indicators directly in the corporative systems, besides rapidly disseminating relevant information to the entire company.

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Inflation Monitor 

The Inflation Monitor presents price variations to the consumer of a comprehensive basket of products and services, thus becoming an important partner in the follow-up, analysis and forecasting of the official inflation indexes in the country.

Knowing beforehand the inflation`s behavior before the official rates are reported offers an important competitive edge in prices and financial assets portfolio management.

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FGV Trust 

From IBRE’s surveys, you have access to the main indicators of the Brazilian economic activity.

With monthly updates, FGV Trust makes available basic data, seasonally adjusted, enabling the knowledge about short-term trends in dimensions such as, demand, production, employment, prices and investments, and forming a solid basis for future decision-making.

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Personalized Prices Indexes

IBRE offers support in identifying the most adequate indicators to withstand contracts and projects negotiations and administrations, as well as the possibility of investigating indicators designed especially to meet the needs unsatisfied by the present statistics offer.

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Costs and Parametric Formulas
IBRE supplies all the necessary technical support for the creation of cost developments indicators due to the behavior of prices of the main inputs, contributing, among other things, to create formulas to readjust contracts.

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Internal Inflation

Through follow-up of the curve of input prices of the main cost components of a company, IBRE develops personalized indexes capable of subsidizing activities such as cost management, price formation, support to purchases and budgets, and to contracts negotiations.

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Economic Projections and Sectorial Analysis

IBRE projects for series of national and international economic indicators, according to the client’s need. Based in proper models, these studies are conducive to forecast of the primary changes in settings and subsidize management and definition of corporate strategies.

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Assessments on Policies and Social Programs
The expertise developed by IBRE in researches directed to subjects of social relevance is also available for companies interested in identifying or assessing relevant projects in the social field or in assessing the effectiveness of ongoing initiatives and programs.

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Economic Trends and Market Research

IBRE develops personalized studies for market monitoring and survey which allow for evaluation and forecast of economic and sectorial developments.

Be them inclined to customer satisfaction analysis, image analysis, product evaluation, investment or purchase intentions, IBRE’s trends and market research is always fundamental tools for corporate management.

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