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Conjuntura Econômica magazine is one of the oldest and most respected economic publications in the country, covering both the Brazilian and the international economy. Conjuntura Econômica presents monthly articles and reports on macroeconomic scenarios, finance, administration, marketing, management, and insurance and contains a comprehensive section on statistics and price indices. Each month it also gives special attention to a particular sector of economic activity.

For more than 60 years, it has published the work of the most renowned journalists, businesspeople, researchers, and public servants from Brazil and abroad.

All the invaluable historical material published in Conjuntura Econômica has now been scanned. The digitization of this rich collection was made possible by a project approved by the Ministry of Culture, with contributions from Rouanet Law and sponsorship by the Oi company. The intent is to make part of the history of the Brazilian economy available for free and unconstrained consultation in libraries, universities and other educational institutions.

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