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About IBRE

Created in 1951, the Brazilian Institute of Economics at Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV/IBRE)is devoted to the production and publication of macroeconomics statistics and applied economics research. Its mission is to research, analyze, produce, and disseminate high-quality standardized statistics and do economics studies that can be used to improve both public policies and private actions to stimulate economics development and welfare in Brazil. The Institute was the pioneer in calculating Brazilian GDP and the General Price Index (IGP), which was the official inflation index for many years.

The excellence of its technical staff and its regular presence in the analysis and discussion of the topics most relevant to the Brazilian economy reinforces FGV’s position as the premier Brazilian economics and social think tank, which has given it both domestic and international recognition.

Among the economics statistics produced by IBRE, the most respected beyond the price indexes are the indicators of business trends and cycles, which are invaluable to scholars, Brazilian economics analysts, and executives in both the public and private sectors.

FGV/IBRE is headquartered at Rua Barão de Itambi, 60 / Botafogo | Rio de Janeiro - RJ.

Contact: ibre@fgv.br.

About IBRE
The Brazilian Institute of Economics (IBRE — Instituto Brasileiro de Economia) was created in 1951. The mission of this unit of FGV is to research, analyze, produce, and disseminate high quality standard macroeconomic statistics and applied economic research that is relevant to the improvement of public policy and private actions in the Brazilian economy, thus stimulating economic development and socialwelfare in Brazil.
Organizational Structure
IBRE has a unique research structure in Brazil.It operates as a private organization with a permanent staff of professionals who specialize in applying economic and social sciences and statistical methods. IBRE is organized in both Study Centers and Superintendences .
You may contact our team of consultants by email ibre@fgv.br For advertisements and information about Conjuntura Econômica magazine call +5521 3799 6853 or send an e-mail to conjunturaeconomica@fgv.br.
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