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Customer Service
How to Hire
Customer Service

To better explain our services, IBRE offers several different communication channels.

The service is conducted from Monday to Friday; from 8am to 5.30pm. Make your query by:

E-mail: ibre@fgv.br
Phone: +55 21 3799 6799 (Rio de Janeiro) | +55 11 3799 2356 (São Paulo)
Fax: +55 21 3799 6774

For advertisements and information about The Brazilian Economy (Conjuntura Econômica magazine):

E-mail: conjunturaeconomica@fgv.br
Phone: +55 21 3799 6853

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Conjuntura Econômica Magazine
For advertising or other information on Conjuntura Econômica Magazine, please contact, by: e-mail conjunturaeconomica@fgv.br or phone +5521 3799 6853
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