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Terms of Use
Terms of Use
The use of this portal constitutes automatic acceptance of the following terms of use. Read them carefully before proceedng. If you do not agree to the terms, we ask you not to access the Portal.
1) Copyright and intellectual property
Texts, information, pictures, videos, images, logos, and sound comprising this Portal are the property of IBRE/FGV and are under copyright and other intellectual property forms of protection. Reproduction of any of these items, or any other type of content available on the Portal, is expressly prohibited without previous authorization from IBRE/FGV. 

When navigating on the Portal, thus accepting these Terms of Use, the user has no right to use any content. Therefore, the user agrees to honor all intellectual and industrial property rights, including those deriving from registered trademark protection, and all rights related to third parties that might be or have been available in any fashion on the Portal.
2) Responsibility:
IBRE/FGV is not responsible for the content of external websites that have links to this Portal, or the content of those websites linked by us. The link between such websites and our Portal does not imply any endorsement of their content or any association with their operators or their operations. We also do not take responsibility for how our content made available here is used by users, whether registered or not registered.

Users must also commit not to use the content of this Portal for commercial, promotional, or any other illegal or prohibited purpose, such as reproduction, distribution, and dissemination, in whole or in part, of the texts, images, graphics comprising the Portal without previous authorization from IBRE/FGV. Copies may be printed for personal use and filing, so long as information integrity is maintained. The user shall take responsibility for any undue use of this Portal’s content.
3) Registration:
In order to access some sections of the Portal, the user must register. In completing the registration, the user must commit to providing true, current and complete information, exempting IBRE/FGV from any responsibility related to inaccurate information. It is extremely important to regularly update such data, for it is the way the contact between the Portal and the user is established. 

Before registering, the user must be aware of and agree to these Terms of Use,. Completing registration constitutes automatic acceptance of the Terms of Use.

The user shall create a login and password for identification purposes and navigation on the Portal. The user is responsible for keeping the password confidential. The password and other registration information can be changed at any time.
4) Privacy:
IBRE/FGV commits not to disclose any user personal data received for registration purposes. The user shall contact us if an account is accessed by other people or without permission. User is also committed not to remain logged in to the Portal when not in use or when away from the computer, so as to avoid access by other people. If the user suspects that a password has been discovered, it must be changed immediately.

Information collected is restricted to IBRE/FGV; anyone who makes undue use of it shall be subject to the full extent of the law. User data shall only be transmitted to third parties only if required by law. Changing specific information will only be authorized when the user is identified by login and password.
5) Information Available on the Portal:
Information available on the Portal shall not be considered as definitive because data are regularly amended and updated.
6) Amendments to the Terms of Use:
IBRE/FGV reserves the right to amend these Terms of Use at any time with the intent of progressively improving them. Users must read the Terms at every access because navigating on the Portal requires that they honor such terms.
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