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The purpose of the Brazilian Business Cycle Dating Committee (CODACE) is to establish reference chronologies for the Brazilian economic cycles. In its first meetings, the committee has established monthly and quarterly schedules regarding the Brazilian business cycles from 1980 on.

CODACE is comprised of seven members:

•  Affonso Celso Pastore (Coordinator, AC Pastore & Associados Director)
•  Edmar Lisboa Bacha (Director, Iepe - Casa das Garças Institute for Economics Policy Studies)
•  João Victor Issler (Professor, FGV/EPGE)
•  Marcelle Chauvet (Professor, University of California)
•  Marco Bonomo (Professor, Insper)
•  Paulo Picchetti (Professor, FGV/EESP)
•  Regis Bonelli (Researcher, FGV/IBRE)
Read below the reports already produced by CODACE:

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