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Monthly, the Trade Survey provides information that can be used to anticipate changes in the economy. The  survey  is based on the best international practices. The indicators and other information are designed for users to respond to business expectations and anticipate the level of business activity in retail and wholesale trade. 

The quality of the sample and the speed with which the research findings are released make the Trade Survey vital for business decision making. The historical series of the survey started in March 2010; the survey is the first and only indicator that covers the main retail and wholesale segments on a monthly basis in Brazil. The research findings are summarized in the Trade Confidence Index (TCOI).

The questionnaire on which the Trade Survey is based is directed to the individual company. It asks about topics such as the business situation, demand, invoicing, purchases, credit access, and labor employed.

The response options are qualitative (e.g.: Is current purchase volume strong, normal, or weak? Does the company expect the total number of people employed to increase, stay the same, or decrease?).

The questions cover prospects for business in four time periods: the quarter immediately preceding the survey´s  reference month; the immediate moment when the survey is being carried out; the quarter that starts in the reference month; and the half-year starting in the reference month.

The scope of the survey is similar to that of the Annual Survey of Trade (PAC) by the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), which covers all sectors of retail and wholesale trade. Results are released for the trade sector as a whole and for five segments.

Sectorial segments are defined according to the IBGE National Classification of Economic Activities, version 1.0 (NCEA 1.0).

Trade Survey
Main use::

Preparing for the short-run course of the economy.

Geographic scope::

Brazil as a whole.

Sectorial scope::

Sectorial scope:

• Vehicles, motorcycles, parts and pieces (automobile wholesale and retail; vehicle accessories and parts; motorcycles, parts and pieces)

• Construction material (wholesale and retail)

• Wholesale (food, beverages and tobacco; personal and domestic articles; nonagricultural intermediate products, residues, and scraps; other wholesale products traded)

• Restricted retail (fuels and lubricants; hypermarkets and supermarkets; food, beverages, and tobacco; fabrics, apparel, and footwear; pharmaceutical, medical, and orthopedic articles; perfumery and cosmetics; furniture and electrical appliances; office equipment and material, computers and communications; books, cultural articles; other retail trade products)

• Extended retail (vehicles, motorcycles, parts and pieces; construction materials and restricted retail)

Collection period::

The entire month



First observation::

March 2010


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