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The monthly IBRE/FGV Macro Bulletin contains statistics, projections, and analysis related to the following vital aspects of the Brazilian economy: 

• Economic Activity
• IBRE Surveys
• Employment and Income
• Inflation and Monetary Policy
• Fiscal Policy
• The Foreign  Sector
• International Overview
• IBRE's "In Focus"

IBRE's macroeconomic approach draws on analysis of the national and international economic situations in terms of prospects for economic growth, inflation, and monetary and fiscal policies. It highlights major short-term challenges for the Brazilian economy.

It is important to emphasize that prospective studies of what is likely to happen require not only statistical techniques but also a deep knowledge of economic theory. That is why the IBRE technical staff are professionals who have a wide range of academic and market experience.

The Macro Bulletin is produced under the direction of Regis Bonelli and Sílvia Matos with the participation of Aloísio Campelo, André Braz, Armando Castelar Pinheiro, Gabriel Barros, Fernando de Holanda Barbosa Filho, Lia Valls Pereira, Rodrigo Leandro de Moura, Salomão Quadros, and Samuel Pessôa.

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